Trying to change my soda habits

So, I know I eventually need to cut out┬ásoda entirely. It’s not good for you. Citric acid and phosphoric acid, combined with carbon dioxide work together to do mean things to the calcium in your body.┬áThat plus the sweeteners (or artificial sweeteners) either add calories, or make you crave more sweet things.

That said, I have recently tried a new drink – Zevia. It is sweetened with erithritol and stevia extract. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It’s kind of funny when every soda flavor is clear, but I’ve found that for a zero-calorie soda it has a good taste and doesn’t have any of the artificial aftertaste that people who don’t like diet soda tend to hate.

The downsides: it’s still soda, and it is expensive. But, it might help me make a transition to move away from soda entirely.