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I would like to do a “My Story” update!

So it was last June when I stepped on the scale and found that I had finally hit an all-time lot in my life. Well actually it was an all-time high in my weight. It is hard and scary to admit out loud just what that number was. However I have been so honest and upfront about this whole experience that I will tell you. I weighed 400 pounds. That number is so shocking to me. I have always carried my weight well, and have lots of muscle and in my mind I never looked like the 400 pound woman, but I was. I can look at pictures now from last year and just be so sad. But I did not start to change my life because of what I looked like; I did it because I wanted a better healthier life. I did not want to just be sitting there waiting for diabetes to find me, as I knew it would due to my family medical history. So I decided to make the call to a trainer who was a fellow teacher. She was teaching a boot camp that summer and I wanted to join, but I was so scared. I have always been athletic so I knew that had a desire to do the boot camp, but I was so scared that I would physically not be able to do it or that I would look so stupid for being the fat girl who couldn’t do it. Well I sat down with her and she was all in from the beginning. I remember when she asked me what my goal was I replied very snotty by saying “I want to lose 100 pounds in a year!” She said ok that she was in, all I remember thinking is this chick has no idea what it is like to be FAT!!!!

Well I lost 30 pounds in less than 2 months. She worked me and worked me hard. I knew I was kind of in at this point. I mean I enjoyed those workouts, when they were over, but I really didn’t change my eating habits too much. Well with my success from working out I started to change my eating. I saw how hard I worked to get rid of calories so I started to pay a little more attention to the calories I was putting in my body. By December I was so close to losing 50 pounds… I was half way there to my goal and on target to reach it. THEN Sara (my trainer) found the Health Kwest from Genghis Grill and we decided to enter. Fast Forward to 60 days later… I did not lose as much on this kwest as I wanted to, but I did lose another 21 pounds, that will never come back by the way, and at this point I have lost 81 pounds in just 9 months. Now for those of you thinking those 21 pounds is great I agree, but not my goal. For those of you asking what I would have changed to reach my goal I will tell you nothing!!!! I lost 21 pounds in 2 months living my life. My life as a single mother (true single mother, no sharing this child), working full time as a Special Education teacher, while going back to school for my masters, while my 11 year old son plays multiple sports. I was not able to spend hours in the gym, nor did I have the money to take pills or shots. PLEASE know that I am not knocking anyone who did those things, because at one point in my life I have. BUT through this kwest I lived the life I had to and I lost my weight, 81 pounds in 9 months, by working out 3-4 times per week for an hour and eating right. I did not starve I just simply choose the right foods. No, at first it was not simple, but now it is because it my lifestyle.

OUTCOMES- Not only did I get closer to my weight loss goal through this kwest, but I was able to inspire and affect so many lives around me. My parents started working out HARD and eating better with me. But most of all I have shown that you can have the power to choose food to over 600 5th and 6th graders. The things that they are doing at school with the KWEST at West and Wellness Wednesday are worth far more than any prize money. I am here to tell all of you that I AM PROUD of those students and most of all I am PROUD OF MYSELF! I now have the power over food!!!! Thanks you to Genghis Grill for giving me this incredible opportunity. I may not have lost the most weight percentage, but I have given this kwest my all and I have brought along many, many people with me. They may be young but they too have a desire for a healthier life. I love what this KHANTEST has inspired not only for me but for my community. So many have joined me for dinner at Genghis and enjoyed the healthy dinner so much they have returned many times. I am thankful to all the media who have been out to document, not just my kwest, but what we are doing at school.  AND most importantly thank you to all of YOU that have taken the time to read my blogs and vote! Thank you for your support!

Love and HEALTH to all of you,

Mollie Mills

Join me for a party…

…at Genghis Grill! I was thinking that it would be fun to have a bunch of people come join me for bowl 60! This is the last bowl of the contest and I think it would be fun to fill the restaurant with people I know. SOOOO come out and bring the family and enjoy a bowl.

This will not be the last bowl for me, just the last of this contest…just the last FREE bowl!

I promise I am not sick of the food; I really do still love it. I will say it is hard to try and fit it in everyday with my crazy schedule to drive out there for me, but the food….still LOVE IT!

So really I would love it if you…all of you would come celebrate the end of this journey with me!

I am so excited that I have been given this opportunity and that I have been so successful!

Thank you and good night,


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5 bags down!!!!

I took out 5 bags of clothes this weekend! And no it wasn’t because they were out of style or dated, nor were they my son’s that he out grew! It WAS because they were TOO BIG!!! Now of course I have nothing left to really wear, but I am so happy that my body shape is truly changing. It was fun to put these pants on over my clothes and watch them fall down when I would walk! Oh I cannot even express to you all how fun this was…I have never experienced this! I mean they literally fell back down. I have never owned a pair of pants that big…or that much bigger than man since they were hard to come by, but these did. These pants that I wore not even a year ago fell right off! Yes this is truly exciting! I love this life and love what I am doing with this and that I have allowed for Genghis Grill to push me into this lifestyle I once only dreamed about!


Love the support that I continue to get from loved ones!!!

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Sorry to my readers!

I want to apologize to anyone (if there is anyone) who has been wondering what happened to me. NO I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP!!!! I have still been eating right, working out and going to Genghis Grill. This has been a very busy couple of weeks. I am teaching full time, a single mother of a very active boy, and going back to school for my masters. I have had a couple big papers due this week and they have taken most of my time. SO I AM STILL HERE AND GOING STRONG!

I am still loving my life, I would say “New Life” but this lifestyle of eating right and working out has just become what I do and who I am.

I am proud, so incredibly proud of myself for sticking to this for the entire 60 days!!!  I can honestly tell you everything that have consumed in 57 days. I can count on my hands how many times I had something that was not a veggie or a lean protein. I have to admit I have NEVER been able to do this  31 years. I probably did not even eat this healthy in the womb (sorry mom!)

But I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity and thankful to Genghis Grill to showing me that I have the power over food. This is a battle I have been fighting for my ENTIRE LIFE!

Love you all,


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Saturday March 24th


Today was the perfect day to be outside. I started the day with a short walk and then headed to my house for some spring cleaning. I know it sounds weird to say I headed to my house. Well it was spring break and I took my vacation at Resort De Mills! That would be my parent’s house. It was so nice to stay there, even though I go over there every day and they only live 4 miles away.

I did get sunburned today! My son had a soccer game in which he was the team mascot today. He did such a great job; it just makes a mother proud!

Makes a mother PROUD!!!

Then we returned home for LAWN WORK! Since it rained most of spring break and the yard already was in need of mowing, we had a small jungle to attack at our house. Once I surveyed the land I knew that today was the day my 11 year old son was going to learn to mow!!!! So there was a little instruction and of course some mowing on my part, and then I passed the mower on over. He did a great job! We did trade off a couple times giving each other a short break. but the job went so much easier and faster when you were able to share the job!

It was a productive day and I loved it!

Mollie Mills

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Friday past 2


Tonight we went to a hockey game with a bunch of people! YES IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN, Of course as a child my favorite part would be to eat all those things we usually don’t get like, hot dogs, nachos, big pretzels, cotton candy, snow cones…and so on! And there were like 16 kids there with us so you know what that means? Yes all those loving children around me where eating those exact things. But they just didn’t look as good to me as they once did.


A friend who was there brought up a great thought; she asked me “have you ever thought about how easy it is to consume calories, but how hard it is to burn them?”

My reply was “YES!!!!” I think about it all the time. I could easily eat 500 calories on just some snack if I wanted to, but I would have to work out so much harder just to burn that!


Anyways I love good times with good friends, it’s always a great way to spend the night. I love that life is getting so much easier and that I am getting healthier every day!

Good night,



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Friday 23rd HUNGER GAMES

Tonight or last night was the premier of HUNGER GAMES!!! Oh the book was so good that my son and I could not wait for this night. In fact we bought our tickets almost 3 weeks ago. Of course the book is better, but that is how it always goes right! However it was still a great movie. I actually would like to see it again when I am not fighting to stay awake so much!!!


MY EATING WAS STELLER!!!!! I did pack a few snacks to take with me since we were going to be there forever waiting in line and with it being so late, that late night snacking was going to be getting at me. I packed 4 cuties, some almonds, and some dried cranberries. I did celebrate with a small popcorn with no butter. However the best victory of the night was that I did not give into the desire of a Diet Dr. Pepper. Of course since it was so late I thought I needed the caffeine, but nope I drank my water!!!


I did go to Genghis Grill before we went to get in line, I knew if I would eat before the movie I would not want to snack as much, and what better dinner to eat than Genghis Grill!!!


Great night with yes great people,




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Thursday post 2

So my birthday was spent celebrating and not eating. I spent the day with great people and made the effort not to think about what I was not going to eat but about having a fun day.


It started with a trip to the city with my other mother for a great peaceful and spiritual experience. I will say when I got home I did take a much needed nap. I have running like crazy all of my spring break. Spending the night in the hospital with my friend after her baby just killed all rest that I had and I needed to catch up…plus tonight is the midnight premier of the hunger games! CAN’T WAIT!!!


I love the life that I am living and the way I am living it. I am most excited and thankful for this opportunity Genghis has provided to push all of us. Not only is it giving an incentive to work hard, but it is showing us that we can and will be successful.




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Thursday March 22…

Happy Birthday to me!!!!


Yes today is my birthday so I am one year older and on year healthier!!! Oh yeah and wiser too!!!


So this day is different for me because it will be spent celebrating my new life style and not celebrating with food. Normally today would have been spent going to my favorite places to eat and then planning which cake I would want. I would have excused the thousands of calories I would have consumed by telling myself it’s my birthday and I can relax.


HOWEVER that is not how the day will be spent. I promised myself no cake until after the contest is over. Mostly because I want to stay strong and keep the promises I made myself and the students for the entire 60 days. So wish me luck and I will be back to report later!




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Want to say Good-bye

I want to say good bye tonight to one of my favorite Genghis Grill servers. Tonight was his last night and I didn’t get a chance to thank him for his service. He was always funny and attentive when I went in to eat. He had good jokes, and just always made me smile. Of course most of all the servers at my Genghis Grill make me feel this way and are great. But tonight I want to thank THANK YOU SIR!!! You always did a great job and good luck with your move and new business adventures!

Good night,

Mollie Mills

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