Surprise party, Teeth, Genghis, and Fat Guy in a Little Coat

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Yesterday wad the big surprise party for my wife and what a blast!  She figured it out as she was driving up and saw a friend walking up, but we still had a fantastic time!  Of course, I did not let this stop me from Genghis!

Well, I walk in to GG, and as I am looking for my geuests, I see the Tuccy family, who came out with us last Sunday night!  I am so happy that I can spread the word a little bit!

So, I weaseled my way out of helping my wife at a fundraising event so that I could eat and pick up the cake and whatnot!  I had a student and his fiance helping her at the event in my place, and they are also trying to shed some pounds, so I told them I would buy them lunch at Genghis Grill.  Of course, they loved it and want a location closer to them!

I had another high maintenance day where I had them cut up my meatballs, sausage, zucchini, and squash in to tiny pieces.  So, same bowl as the last 2 days.  I may have one other day of requiring special attention.  We’ll see how I feel today!  But darn, is that bowl GOOD!!!!!!!  I would suggest it to everyone!

Chicken/pork Meatballs


Garlic Seasoning

Garlic Herbs Seasoning

Red Pepper

Zucchini/squash mix



Roasted Tomato Sauce

(If you so desire, you can get udon noodles, or spiral pasta, I refrained)

So then, the big par-tay for my wife’s 30th.  I ran home and got cleaned, food prepped, and decorated with an amazing staff of colleagues and friends.  There were about 50 people there, it was so wonderful!  She had figured it out as she was walking in, due to some familiar cars, and people ducking behind them as she came in :)  Everyone loved my Brooke collages and Brooke trivia game!

For food, we had chips, dips, veggies, fruits, chicken and beef fajitas, cakes.  I had a piece of cake, but that’s it as I couldn’t really chew anything else!  But what fun it was!

Finally, after writing my reflection yesterday, I remembered that I had a sport coat that I had bought 3 years ago.  It was cool looking and super cheap, so I bought it.  One problem…Think Tommy Boy, “Fat Guy In A Little Coat.” (Best pic I could get on my comp!)  I am looking forward to working out again today!  Wish me luck!