Think 16 inches of snow will keep me from Genghis Grill?


After my “workout” today consisting of shoveling my driveway 3 times for a total of about 16 inches of snow, we headed out to the GG for dinner before they shut down for the night.  And yet another amazing dinner!

First off, the people at the Park Meadows GG are wonderful.  The managers, waitstaff, cooks, and the sous chef (that’s what I call Eric, who stands by the ingredients and helps you build your bowl.  He does NOT miss on his suggestions!)

That’s Miguel, Eric, and Marcos!  Eric is my sous chef, and Marco and Miguel are about to turn our bowls in to an incredible meal!

Miguel and Marcos are artists AND chefs!

My bowl (assisted by Eric and Manik, the owner/store partner and nicest guy in the world)

SLiced beef, shrimp, salt, pepper, dragon salt, cayenne, red pepper, 3g veggie mix, pico, 2 eggs, and Khanzu sauce.  Wow, it was GOOD!!!!!!

Brooke’s Bowl:

Chicken, broccoli, green beans, bean sprouts, egg, ginger sauce citrus


Here is what I am learning.  No matter what you put in to your bowl, no matter what kind of sauce you get, your meal will be AMAZING!