It was so busy yesterday at Genghis!  I was like WHOA.  To get in and out it took me an hour!  And my order was to go since I had so many cakes to get done.  I once again ordered the Bayou bowl.  This meal seems to be very hearty for me.  It may be the sausage or something.  This time I put two scoops of fish instead of one but I still cant tell what the hell happens to the fish.  It literally disappears.  Nonetheless it’s a bowl that I cant finish.  Shawn ordered the same thing and even he couldn’t finish it.  He thought it was really heavy for a bowl from there.  The staff is actually beginning to recognize me now.  I’ve only been going in there every day for a while now.  I guess Im not hat memorable or something.  Either way, its kind of neat to have them say hi to me as I walk in.