Today I am exhausted.  We had the funeral for Tanna’s Grandpa this morning, and we stayed last night at her brothers house.  I slept on the floor, so I didn’t get much sleep, then a very long emotional day, long drive home, nap that was way too short, and working tonight.  i’m hoping Ayden is a sleepy little boy in the morning so daddy can get a little rest :)

Another informative post for you today.  Did a little more digging after the last one about the vitamin water.  This one was a good article, but way too long to post it all here, but the part that got me interested in reading is below…

We know sugar is bad for us and it is often the first thing we try to restrict when we become health conscious.

Those with a strong sweet tooth often turn to diet soda as a healthy alternative. There’s no sugar in it, and it has no calories.

It is not uncommon to see someone order a BigMac, large fries and a diet soda. If I had banged my head against the wall every time I saw that happening, I’d probably be dead.

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