Day 22 recap

I don’t recommend going to the any sort of hospital unless you are already really sick or something is terribly wrong. Wednesday morning after getting some much needed rest from the night before, I woke up with a runny nose and a sore throat. I usually can tell when I start to get sick. I can feel my ears clogging up and I can’t hear that well. I only sneeze once instead of 3 times. Those are my signs that something is coming on. Yesterday not at all I felt bad when I woke up and it only got worse.

Yesterday I was told by the doctor to relax and not do much. That’s is exactly what I did. I walked cracker in the morning. I was one of the slowest walks I have ever taken. 1 mile in 24 minutes. I wasn’t hungry when I finished walking him so I headed home. I watched a little TV and hung out with my doggies for a while.
Around 2 in the afternoon I figured I had better eat something. I headed over to Genghis Grill. I got a Sliced beef and ham bowl with pepper, Mongo peppers, green beans, jalapeno, cilantro and BBQ sauce. I figured this would help clean out my sinuses a bit. I was right a good amount of bite, enough to clean me up for a couple of hours. I was only able to eat half before I felt stuffed. So I got the rest to go and I was on my way. This was all I had to eat yesterday besides 2 peppermint patties for dinner. I think maybe 400 calories for the day.

Later in the evening I had to work. I had a new class starting tonight. Pits and Bullies is what this one is called. I had 3 dogs to work with last night. All 3 are great dogs. I think that pit bulls or other muscular breeds tend to get a bad reputation because people only hear the bad things about them. In fact every Pit bull, Rottweiler I have ever met have been friendly if not down right cuddly. This is a product of their environment. If all people if people could stop seeing the negative ( or at least everything the news posts is bad) these truly are wonderful animals.