Day 3: Slow but steady

Today didn’t go as planned but some days we need a day to get caught up on things and re-figure out priorities.  I am excited to be doing the Health Kwest as it helps me put my diet in perspective and lets me see what positive changes I can make to keep me at my best.  The daily schedule needs to be tweaked as my shopping habits need to be changed in order to keep fresh food in the house!  I heard on “Biggest Loser” the hint about how you should shop the outside of the supermarket because that is where the fresh and whole foods are located.  I also found that, by shopping that way, I avoid many temptations to buy those foods that are not good choices for a health diet.  My children are teenagers and I need to be a good example for them before they leave the house.  To kick off a better diet for the household, we will be eating at Genghis Grill tomorrow night as a family before heading over to Wheaton Drama to watch “Bad Seed”.  More reflections on that tomorrow!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my yummy lunch from yesterday.  I’m going to GG tonight before working the show!

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