Thank you Genghis Grill!

At the beginning of the contest there were over 80 contestants. I worked out and counted calories and in the end I lost 52 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. I was on a dark path before the contest… Out of shape gaining weight and feeling helpless and alienated from my YouTube family.

The next time I see Joel checking me out, or see his face light up I’ll know what I won.

My life back.

I love my friends and family for the support.

3rd & Final Post of the Challenge!


Last Post… I should make it count.

I am glad I did this challenge. I am thankful for it. I sincerely believe it saved me.
I was in a dark sad place before this. I was overwhelmed and just had no reason to think I was going to turn myself around. I was hiding from my YouTube followers… Embarrassed. I felt physically bad. Heavy and not at all fit. I had no direction to go in towards my health, and also no reason to think I could ever be slim again. This is sad to think about as I sit here remembering the Amelia that was before I attempted to join the challenge.
I can vividly remember the day that I got the email from Genghis Grill stating that they were doing the contest for the second time. It was like lightning struck me. I got excited… I called my friends… India and CeCe… I called my Mom and my sister… Telling them with excitement in my voice that I WAS going to do this! It’s funny to think about the confidence I had that I would be chosen. When I found out I had in fact been chosen… It was just like destiny. Amazing to see what a difference it has made. I went from an obese, slow, weak woman to what I now consider an athlete. My skin is healthier, my body fitter, my mood improved. I am thankful for this wake-up call. I am no longer floating through my life not conscience… I am aware of my activity, aware of what I put in my mouth, aware of everything.
I now know that in order for me to be healthy I have to food journal, I have to push my self physically and treat myself to all the good I can.
I wish ALL the other Khantestants luck and encourage them to set new goals for the future. This 60 days may be up but the rest of your life is ahead.
As for me… My next goal is to lose weight for my Vegas Trip in May.
48 days till then!

Post #1 Day 60 of 60!


Well… Last day! Very excited to have made it to the end.

I was up early.. Got to the gym..
I did 70 minutes on the elliptical… Level 15 intervals… Awesome!
Then the treadmill for 45 minutes… With intervals as well…I’m walking faster than ever before! 3.4 miles per hour! Yay!
About to head home and get ready for my final Genghis Grill lunch of the contest!

Post #2 Day 59 of 60


Went to the gym today….

and kicked butt! I did 70 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals… Switching between levels 15 and 5…. Felt great
Then I did 60 minutes of intervals on the treadmill.. I used a setting I never tried before. It switched between low grade (height) fast & high grade slow… Pretty cool
Then I talked myself into, out of, and back into 60 minutes of Recumbent Bike, intervals again… Makes the time pass quicker and feel less tough
So… According to my heart rate monitor (I totally ignore the machines inflated#) I burned 1,305 calories!!!!
Then I threw myself into housework… Getting tons of laundry, dishes, and vacuuming done.
Yay me!!

Post #2 Day 57 of 60

So.. 2 days ago I was walking downtown with my friend Kat… I saw the local news van setup and as I walked by I saw Sean Muserello in the front seat. Sean is a reporter and I recognized him because I watch the news everyday. Back in 2010 I actually sent him an email to tell him to put on a hat while he reported on a big snow storm.

I managed to slip my Genghis Grill Challenge into the brief conversation. He said that he was interested in doing a story on it. He gave me his card. I emailed him yesterday and he e-mailed me back today! Very excited.

maybe I’ll be on the news soon!