As most of you know, I’m pretty hard-headed and once I put my mind to something – I rarely will deviate from the plan. I had not originally planned on a major splurge in my diet prior to March 31st but today … well, it was worth it. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I have been really thinking about pizza lately. And I’m not talking about some ol’ franchise pizza – I’m talking Mom-and-Pop, slap-yo-mama good pizza. Some CnK peeps raved about a pizza place nearby called Vinnie’s on Friendship Road so we headed there for a good-bye lunch.

Here is a picture of the pizza being consumed today:

They insisted I sit at the head of the table. It gave me the ability to look around and see how many new friends I’ve made over the past 3 years and how lucky I have been to get to know these people. Honestly, most of them were made in the past year. Until “Schwartzy” applied his “magic” and combined the two sales groups – I never had the opportunity to get to really know some of them even though I worked in the same room. And some of these CnK Peeps just came on board a couple of months ago.

Let’s be real – there have been some ups and downs and bumps in the road, but this has been my family for the past (almost) 3 years. We spent more time together than we do with our own families!

Ok, well back to the “splurge” – I had a salad (hoping that would fill me up somewhat so I didn’t completely go crazy when they put that luscious pizza in front of me) and a personal pizza with cheese, peppers and tomatos. Let me say, there wasn’t anything “personal” size about that pizza. It was huge and oh so good. I had two slices and savored every single bite. Everyone ended up bringing most of it back to the office, hopefully Bozo will eat the leftovers tomorrow. It does have “Bozo” written all over the pizza box – so maybe he will have a clue.

I was not expecting so many people to read and surprisingly like my blogs. I just assumed people would support me by clicking the “like” and green thumbs up button and move on (which is completely fine!) … well, except my parents – I knew they would comb over every single word (and I was right!) – LOL. This topic came up again today at lunch by several peeps … let’s call them “Ginger’s Boss” and “My Personal Traffic Advisor” – both mentioned how they read them and will miss my blogs after March 31st. Who would’ve thought!?! “Dingleberry” mentioned how he blogs (go figure, I only found this out today!) and gave me some advice.. so I’m pondering the idea of continuing the blog at a new location, maybe not  3 times a day but periodically.

After I consumed over 5,434,579 calories at lunch today I was in need for a nap or something to wake me up. I had complained about Bozo’s driving on the way to the restaurant (he bought this sport car but drives like … well… a Great-Granny) so he decided he would drive like a insane, whacked-out banshee on the way back. And you know when I say someone drives crazy – it must be completely C-R-A-Z-Y! We stopped off a QT on the way back to get some beautiful ice (we are ice snobs at CnK!) – while myself and Durty South stayed in the car – we had some fun with Bozo’s mirrors, seats, radio, wipers, etc. We laughed so hard that even now when I’m writing this – I’m still laughing.

Good, good memories :)


How the last day began….

I knew something was up when I drove into the parking lot and saw that Durty South had the prime parking spot and obviously had gotten there early. She is and always has been very thoughtful when it comes to celebrating someone’s birthday, sucesses, etc. Here is what I was “greeted” with when I arrived:

Did you notice ALL those gorgeous, yummy Angry Bird cupcakes? But she was thoughtful enough to also include a veggie and fruit cup along with Skinny Cow ice cream bars. Does she know me or WHAT? ha!

What isn’t shown in the pictures are the air horns and party horns that everyone used throughout the day too. We even dared Bozo to eat one of the cupcakes in one bite … and he did it, no surprise there, right?

My mother asked if that was real money on my desk … the answer would be NO. But it didn’t stop me from making it “rain” a few times during the day and when I left.

HEYYYYY – I just realized – I forgot my veggies and Skinny Cow ice cream bars in the fridge! Durty South – please enjoy them for me, ok? I still owe you one $15 gift card – so it’s the least I can do.

Countdown continues…

Well, this time tomorrow I will have finished my last day at CnK. It is very cool to know that I have met some really dear friends there. Some friends still there and some have already moved on.

I know alot of people believe that once you leave - everyone will promise to stay in touch and have great intentions – but never do. No matter what company/industry I have worked in, I’ve met some great people and have been able to keep in touch … even before Facebook was around. I have friends from the early 90s (yes, I’m showing my age! ha!) that I met at a job and still keep in close contact with them throughout the years.

If you are one of my CnK peeps reading this – know that I wish you BIG, BIG success and that just because I’m no longer there every day – I really want to stay in touch. Just because you can’t walk over to my cube - I’m still interested in how you are doing and I’m just a phone call or text away.



Changes at Genghis Grill today!

Today I had my last lunch with “Grandma” and she, as always, let me drive since we only have an hour and not 2 hours for lunch! ha! Guess where we went for lunch?? Yep, Genghis Grill.

Surprise, surprise – there was a new routine today …. the restaurant has new bowls and set-up. Typically, the hostess brings you to your table and leaves the bowls and menus, but not now. You have to wait for your server to introduce themselves and then you get your bowl. Speaking of bowls, the bowl configuration is new too – the bowl has a side holder that is connected for your sauce. I like the new set-up with the bowls, however I usually get 2 containers of sauce so I have to nicely ask the chef if he can add it for me now.

Grandma mentioned that it was just too much hassle, I would have to agree with her about having to sit down and wait for a server. I guess we are spoiled that we are so use to being able to go straight for the bar. When the restaurant is busy – this will become a bigger hassle. I’ve read posts on the website where people liked and disliked the new set-up. I guess, time will tell!



What goals do I have for myself after March 31st?

People keep asking me what I’ll do after the contest is over. Well, that is pretty easy to answer … continue to lose weight.

Typically, I do better with short-term goals, they keep me motivated. I have a goal of what my weight should be by the time Mr. & Mrs. Vegan arrive on their way back to Michigan. I have another goal of what I want to weigh by the end of the summer. I’m not going to set myself up for failure and plan on getting into a 2-piece swimsuit this year but I can already feel that I’m way closer than I was last year. And I have some great suits that I can use next year- unless they are too small by then! LOL

I do believe that I deserve a slight splurge once the contest is over. Today at work we were discussing what would be a great “splurge” and I think mine would be thin-crust cheese pizza with jalapenos. And the pizza can’t be from a franchise. The best, best, best pizza I’ve had lately would be either Bobby G’s in Alpharetta or Fox’s Pizza in Madisonville, TN. Both would definitely be worth the splurge! I now have the confidence that one splurge doesn’t mean an eating binge for days upon days. I feel like I can ignore the calorie intake on my myfitnesspal app for one meal…. but I would still log it – just to remind myself when I weigh the next morning and have to almost cry – ha!

A blast from the past!

What a small, small world we live in. How ironic is this … I use to work with someone – let’s call her “PP”  – this stands for Personnel Pool. Even though the place was quite dysfunctional at times, the two of us had a great time there. This was wayyyyy back in the early 90s?!?! Since then we lost touch. I have always wondered where and what she was up to but never had complete information to look her up on Facebook – honestly, because I forgot her last name and the only way I was able to try to find her was with her first name and the state I remembered she lived in – and that was an epic fail on Google search! LOL.

I happened to comment on one of my neighbors picture yesterday on Facebook and all of a sudden – she saw my name and started asking questions. “PP” was my neighbor’s sorority sister at Penn State! Amazing, huh?

Facebook definitely has some disadvantages but finding a long-lost friend is well worth it!

Thank you “PP” for stalking me and hunting me down. I’m so excited to be able to follow you and your family now.

I have 6 more days of eating at Genghis Grill for the HealthKwest Competition. Today I will splurge and have tortillas with my bowl …. exciting times, huh?

Enjoy your Monday … if that is possible :)


A new countdown begins…

Since I’ve finished counting down The Hunger Games movie - I guess I’ll start counting the days until I’m unemployed – haa! Well – for at least 2 days + a weekend! My last day at CnK is this Wednesday and I don’t start training until the following Monday. I planned it perfectly – I didn’t realize that on Thursday, Aiden has his Easter Egg Hunt and Greg is off from work also on Friday.

I wasn’t going to have Aiden go to school on Thursday or Friday but since we have talked up the Easter Bunny to him (and the Easter Bunny is making a special appearance at the Easter Egg Hunt at Primrose)  I will take him in the morning and after his parade and egg hunt, we will enjoy the rest of the day together. That will be really nice since usually I go back to work and leave him completely upset that I came to see him but he wasn’t able to leave with me.

He’s not quite sure how the Easter Bunny works, I’m sure after he gets his Easter basket this year – it will rate right up there with Santa Claus. Speaking of Santa, he continuously mentions Santa and what he needs to talk to him about. The list changes quite often!

Today we had Genghis Grill – no surprise there, right? I have been eating there for almost 2 months now. I’m sure the staff is ready for this to be over and I’m probably going to have to agree! I think the next time I visit Genghis Grill after the contest is over will be when Greg’s parents visit – I’m certain they will find some things to eat there!


Still thinking about The Hunger Games…

I know when I’ve seen a good movie when I think about it later. There have been some movies that I can’t even remember the name by the next day!

The major thing I keep thinking about is how if this was ever a real-life scenario - I would agree with Katniss and never have children. I would never want to risk their lives. One of the things that wasn’t discussed very well in the movie was how families that were starving and wanted/needed more food could get additional items but their children’s name would be put in more than once in the reaping lottery . Gale mentioned that his name was in 42 times. How sad! Another situation that I keep thinking about is how the Capitol had so much food and everyone else in the country lived in such poverty.

Side note – I can’ believe my long-time friend from PMHS – well, let’s just call her “Bookworm” – she had not read the series. I mentioned to Greg today how funny that is since I rely on her for a ton of book recommendations and she’s hasn’t read one the best books out there? How did this happen?? LOL! Well, looks like she’s finished the first book (Bookworm … you are now free to go to see the movie – haa!) and is enjoying the 2nd one now. The way she reads – she will be on the 3rd one by midnight.

I’m already anxious and thinking about how the 2nd book will be produced!



The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (English version) Recap…


It is definitely a disappointment. I thought it would be a great idea to watch it tonight … Greg is working & Aiden is asleep. I read the book and liked it. I saw the Swedish version of the movie but didn’t like it all that much. I was hoping for far more in the English version … but not so much. I guess I would be asking for too much to see two good movies in one day.

Off to read my book that I’m super anxious to finish … it’s boring too – **sigh**

Thanks for your votes! One more week!

Beautiful Saturday afternoon … minus the pollen

The weather in Atlanta today is gorgeous. I rate it a 10+. Even with the pollen completely covering everything – it was still enjoyable. This is the first year that I’ve been affected by the pollen. It must be way worse than any other year.

After the movie and a veggie plate lunch at Folk’s in Cumming – we headed to Lowe’s to gather up the stuff we needed to start getting the yard in shape. Even though we have a very small yard, it seems to always need some kind of maintenance. We are ripping out all the stuff in the beds in the back yard and will have a completely clean canvas to work with. The knock-out roses we found online have been delayed a week and we hope they will arrive by the end of next week.

Aiden is such a great helper these days. He always insists on getting his tools and helping out every time. Here is Aiden and Daddy working on the beds in the back:

He also loves to work on his truck – which is named the “Monster Pizza Delivery Truck” these days…

Hopefully these projects can get completed before the hot temperatures start creeping in, I predict this summer to be a scorcher since we didn’t have much of a winter at all.