Day 57 Workout: Begin while others are making excuses.

 Today’s workout was a really good one. I was so tired and hurting from my 2 boot camps yesterday that I wasn’t sure I could make it. Then I realized that we were doing the 300 workout today, and I was almost positive I couldn’t. But then I looked over at Brooke who was doing Dead lifts with 20lbs, and it struck me how different she looked. She is getting strong again, getting healthy again, fighting with me for every single pound loss and I just smiled. We can do this. So I made it through the pull ups, jump squats, push ups, squat press, and more pull-ups. I did it all! Then we played soccer, girls versus boys, and on the first game it was 3 versus us two guys, and they killed us, which might have something to do with the fact that Brooke schemed for she and Donna to rush me and Jim and block us so that Maggie could run and score, but who knows. Maybe not. But probably. Today has really inspired me to pay it forward. No matter what happen at the end of this Khantest, my journey will not be over, and I will still be willing to help you with your. All I need is for you to Begin. BEGIN while others make excuses. WORK while others are wishing. PERSIST when others are quitting. Don’t let anything stop you. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, you can choose what yours look like. If you need help, let me know I will help you. If I inspire you, let me know what you are doing and you will inspire me too. We can do this together. It took a team to get me thus far, and I’m grateful to everyone who has put in work, heart, encouragement, and votes to get me here. We can finish this thing together.

Day 57: I just want to get my Crossing Guard back!

 On the way to boot camp this morning, we hit more than a few school zones. It struck me that at every school zone we passed, I saw a crossing guard helping students safely cross the road and make their way to school. I really respect what they do, helping people to walk the path to reach their goal. I decided that since I was given this wonderful opportunity with Genghis Grill to participate in this Health Kwest, I would like to pay it forward to you all. If you are thinking about getting healthy, or need some suggestions or need a kick in the pants to get going, let me know, and I will be your crossing guard. I will tell you what worked for me, and what troubles I had. Genghis Grill inspired me, many of you have told me I inspire you, let’s take that next step and I will help you walk the path to your goal. You can do it!

56th Bowl and Introducing…….MARK!

 I can’t wait to tell you about my bowl and a new Genghis Warrior today!  My bowl today was chicken and fish. my special Genghis seasoning, no sauce. Delish.Let me introduce you to one of the best Grillmasters I’ve ever met, Mark.

Me:  So Mark, so how long have you worked for Genghis?

Mark: I’ve worked for Genghis since the Denton location opened, I think it was October 16th?

Me: So what do you like most about your job?

Mark: as a Grillmaster, I like the employees that I work with. I like the job itself, it has really helped my culinary skills and also how the managers respect the employees, and just overall. It’s good quality food prepared in front of your eyes. You can watch the whole process, and it’s a family based employee environment


Me:So you’re the man behind the man, without the grillmaster, no food would be cooked!

Mark: Exactly

Me: Whats the Craziest thing that ever happened here?

Albert: We had 75 Bikers come in from the Christian Motorcycle Association, that was a hectic time,

Me: Nice nice, so what do you like to do here when you’re not working?

Mark: when I’m not working I like to go out on the town, maybe go smoke hoooka, I like the watermelon flavored. I like to chill out at my place, too sometimes you just need to relax.

 Me: What is something we would not know about you?

Mark: I like finding out people’s opinions. I have this insatiable thirst to know how the human brain works. Why are people’s prefereneces the way they are, etc. There possibilities are endless. Its philosophy based. My favorite philosopher is either Niche or Aristotle

Me: Wow that is interesting! So whats your favorite movie?

Mark: The Prestige, Hugh Jackman Christian Bale, Very good movie.

Me: Last question: who is your favorite 2012 Health Kwest Khantestant?

Mark: Oh that’s not even a doubt man You are!

ME: You know this!


Day 56 Work out Blog. What kind of shake is good for a workout?

  So here’s a question…what kind of shake is good when you’re trying to lose weight? Give up?  The best kid of shake is the shake your booty makes when you run. My Trainer Travis puts up all kind of motivational topics on the AAS Boot camps website. The one from this morning about the Booty Shake cracked me up, so I had to share with you. So we went to the 6:30am boot camp this morning. We pushed it hard doing crab walk and bear crawl races. Brooke is much better at the Bear crawl that I am, but neither of us is truly strong enough to do the crab race. Then we did these types of pushups pictured here.  Then we had one of those days where Travis decided we haven’t done enough cardio this week and so we do sprints after every exercise. 10 sprints after every set gets truly exhausting. But Travis just grins and starts the next one 3, 2, 1…. GO!  You guys can imagine the military bass in his voice as he yells to start each sprint. You better get moving, or I’ll tell Travis to come to your house and get you motivated. You can do it!!!

Day 56: I just want to get my One Way Sign back!

 I have to admit something to you guys. I woke up this morning a little stressed. It was one of the hardest days I’ve had thus far as far as getting up for bootcamp. I’ve hit a bit of a plateau lately, and so today I’m re-working things.  It’s back to the drawing board, back to what brought me. It kind of reminded me of the other day when Brooke and I visited the Denton Campus at the Village Church. It was a great service but afterwards, it was pretty dark and Brooke wasn’t really familiar with the area, so she made a left out of the parking lot, and drove a few feet before starting to freak out as she noticed all the cars were coming right at us. She had accidentally turned the wrong way down a one way street. It was easy to do, since she wasn’t familiar with the area, and we had been talking about how good the sermon was, and how we couldn’t wait to come back. We both missed that little one way sign, and were in danger of a ticket or worse. Luckily I was able to guide her to pull over in front of a parked car until the traffic passed and she could turn around, but this morning got me thinking. In life, and in lifestyle changes, sometimes you can stop paying attention and find yourself going the wrong way. When it happens, it can be scary, but if you keep calm, you can change your direction and get back on track with a few adjustments. So today, I am working hard, eating less and doing everything I can to get my one way sign back. You know what I’m talking bout?

Day 55 My bowl and Introducing…..Karen!

I can’t wait to tell you about Genghis today. Today my bowl was chicken and fish with Asian Chilis, and Bean Sprouts. I had the Khan pao mixed with Dragon sauce. It was Very tasty. Today I interviewed Karen. She’s a server at the Denton Location and I learned some pretty interesting things!

Me: Hey Karen, so how long have you worked for Genghis?

Karen: I’ve worked for Genghis since the Denton location opened, I was one of the first people here

Me: So what do you like most about your job?

Karen: I like the atmosphere, and the fact that its Genghis.  I’ve been a Fan of Genghis for years.  My friend first introduced me to Genghis when it first opened at a mall in Fort Worth. She said, “you’ve gotta come try this” and I’m so glad I did I’ve been a fan ever since!

Me: Nice nice, so what do you like to do here when you’re not working?

Karen: I like to chill out, play video games, and sometimes my husband and I will go to a museum.

 Me: What is something we would not know about you?

Karen: I’m a Spaniard. I have dual citizenship because I was born in Spain, even though I have no Spaniard in my blood.

Me: Wow that is interesting! So whats your favorite movie?

Karen: The Phantom of the Opera.

Me: Last question: who is your favorite 2012 Health Kwest Khantestant?

Karen: Oh it’s Albert!    Duh!

ME: Ladies and Gentlemen you heard it here first it’s the Kid. Yeah Yeah!

Day 55 Workout. Like a Double shot of Novocain

 I woke up today feeling really rough. I sneeded 6 times in a row before I could even hit my snooze button. My stomach is upset from all the allergy stuff running down my throat all night so I’ve been nauseous all day. Yuck. Normally on days like today, Workouts are like a double shot of Novocain, I ain’t even feeling it. But I got up and got dressed and made my way to bootcamp. And worked harder than I thought I could. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t pretty. I threw up in my mouth twice, (is that TMI?) and had to run to the bathroom at one point, but I made it through. And I feel better about myself, even if I don’t actually FEEL better physically yet. Not giving up is a good thing, Not pushing too hard when your body is breaking down is a good thing too, but it’s all about finding the middle ground. Finding your pace, and then pushing just a little bit past that, until you can push harder. My trainer Travis told me that a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day. 4%. Anyone can push that hard. The real question is can I push through 8%?Today will test me. Wish me luck.

Day 55: I just want to get my DVD player back!!

 We haven’t watched a dvd in 3 months in our bedroom because we lost the remote, and up until this point, we haven’t moved any furniture to find it. Fast forward to this weekend, I had more than enough energy to tackle some home projects one of which included putting up the new curtain/curtain rods that Brooke has had on my ‘Honey-Do” List for about a month. Brooke is a good helped with home projects when she wants to be, but she doesn’t understand the finer points of using a drill, especially when it comes to changing bits. So most of the time I just get up on the ladder myself and have her hand me things. It works great when she’s paying attention, but when she gets distracted, everything gets a little harder. I’m not saying she has ADD like me, but she might be more like a Raccoon than most people, so don’t wave anything shiny in front of her unless you want her to lose focus. Love you Babe! After moving the bed and the nightstands to put in the curtains Low and behold! The little white DVD remote was found. (I thought about not admitting to Brooke that I found it on my side of the bed, since she is the one that loses remotes all the time, but since she was in the room so I had to fess up.) I kid around a lot with Brooke because I love being married to her. She’s a great wife. So after we found the remote, did we celebrate by sitting down and watching movies in bed all day? No we did not. So that is progress. But more progress was had by my realizing if I had just been a little less lazy, we could have moved the furniture 3 months ago to find the silly thing. It was just one more reminder that my journey against my unhealthy lifestyle is not over yet. Every single day I will still have to push, eat right and workout to get my DVD remote back, and all the other things I have lost but not found yet, (including my abs). Well. That’s about it for now. Hope you guys have a great Monday. It’s beautiful outside.

54th Bowl and Introducing……Jeremy!

 I can’t wait to tell you about my bowl today! It was fish and eggs and chicken with Khan pao and Dragon sauce mixed together. I got mine with no starch and lettuce, so that I could make lettuce wraps out of my bowl! So fresh, so good. Today I interviewed for your reading pleasure Jeremy from Genghis Grill!

Me: Hey Jeremy, so how long have you worked for Genghis?                                  Jere: 5 years, i started out in Fossil creek and then moved over to the Denton location   Me: So what do you like most about your job?                                                              Jeremy:I love wearing tshirt and jeans, because it allows me to focus more on the customer and getting to know them better, and relate to them on a deeper level.          Me: Yeah, I could see how wearing a button down could be stifling. So what’s something most people wouldn’t guess about you?                                             Jeremy: I speak Arabic and I play the cello, and the viola, and sing.                             Me: so you should have been a rockstar?                                                               Jeremy: Maybe, if my life had gone another way,  but I like working here at Genghis.   Me: good to know! So whats your favorite movie?                                                Jeremy: My favorite movie is The Big Lebowski                                                            Me: Last question: who is your favorite 2012 Health Kwest Khantestant?     Jeremy: Albert Wright of course!! You better win!                                                         ME: I’m trying dude…..I’m trying

day 54: workout blog

Please click the green thumbs up to vote on each post below. You can vote on all my old posts once daily! Thank you! Have a great day! Today all of my housework has been my workout. Carrying lifting dancing… you know you can’t do chores without breaking it up with a dance party every now and then ya know what I mean? right now i’m listening to Eric Sermon Music with the Marvin Gaye hook. Yeah boy!